Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new couponer's worst nightmare...the coupon nazi!

After regularly couponing at Homeland for 2 years, I met my first coupon Nazi yesterday. I actually found the whole situation funny, but if I had been a new couponer it probably would have been enough to make me stop couponing from embarrassment.

I happened to be north, so went to the Homeland at NW Expressway and McAurthur. I bought several sale items, and also some regular price items that are good deals after doubled coupons. The cashier looks over my items and immediately asks me if I have coupons. I told him yes and hand them to him after flipping through them quickly to make sure I bought everything I had a coupon for. I took out one coupon I did not use, and handed him the rest. He rang up my order and then printed out a register journal of my receipt. He immediately informs me that the coupons for the Edwards singles and Over the Moon Milk won't double. Actually, they DO double if the cashier just scans them, so what he was telling me is that he was going to hit the DND button before entering them. Since Homeland has the right not to double coupons that say DND, I have no problem with that. He then went through my coupons to compare prices to make sure I get no overage. Again, Homeland's policy is to not give overage so I have no problem with that. When he started to compare the coupons to make sure I got the right size, I will admit I got a little irritated, but whatever rocks his boat. This whole process took about 20 minutes and included a void (after he told me I cannot use both a $1/1 and a B1G1 coupon). He said they had some problems with people using coupons at the store (but didn't go into details) and I guess this is what they have decided to do to restrict coupon usage. Since it's better than not using coupons, I don't really have a problem with it, especially since he was polite throughout. I of course would have liked to have had all my coupons doubled and the overage, but you can't expect that. I just wish they would come up with a better method to speed the process up. Twenty minutes to check out is quite excessive to me. Of course oher than that, I have an offbeat personality so I thought it was funny. However, I would also understand why other couponers would be mortified by the experience and either not shop there again or not use coupons again. Hmmmm....wonder if that was the point? Good thing I am made of sterner stuff! LOL

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